Failing to add observation to project and add observation field at the same time

When I try to add an observation to a project that has a mandatory observation field, it usually fails because the observation field doesn’t get completely added before I click “Add to Project”. Then the field gets added but then it doesn’t get added to the project.

When a project has an optional observation field, the observation field again doesn’t get fully loaded but instead the observation gets added to the project and the observation field fails to be added.

It doesn’t happen if I wait for the observation field for the finish loading, but I don’t remember to do that every time.

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A little confusing to understand, but I think I know what you’re saying. This seems to be more of a quality-of-life fix (since you can just wait for it to load).

Common issue that happens to me all the time. I wait 15 seconds and it’s fine every time (annoying, but tolerable)

(moving to general because I don’t think it’s a bug)


Yes, as @thebeachcomber says observation fields take some time to be added.

I load the obs. Then go to the loaded obs and edit the project and field there - where I can rely on iNat accepting the info.

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