Forum list of "unread" posts isn't clearing or slow to clear

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I try to keep track of what is “unread” in a given topic on iNatForum by glancing at the blue dots on each post, but I guess I don’t understand the dynamics of those dots. Sometimes they fade out as I read down through a set of posts, indicating I “read” the posts, but at other times the blue dots just seem to get stuck and don’t clear until/unless I leave the Forum topic (or the Forum altogether) and reload it. For the above-listed topic, blue dots would only clear after I had scrolled through all posts, closed iNatForum, and returned to the Forum and topic.

How are the blue dots supposed to function (and when)?

Hm, I haven’t been experiencing this - as long as I’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom of the topic, the blue dots fade, it will mark it as “read”, and won’t show up in the “Unread” section anymore. Anyone else?

I feel like it’s often wishy-washy about whether I’ve read something or not. Like I open a topic with one new post that is only 5 words and it takes me less than a second to read it and I hit back right away and it never marks as read. I’ll come back two hours later and think there’s another new post in the topic, but it’s just the same 5 word post from before, still marked unread. I can get it to clear by slowly scrolling down, but there’s definitely a lag. For comparison, if I open an email in gmail, regardless of how long I spend with it open, it gets marked read. So I think the forum software is just kind of clunky in its responsiveness. :woman_shrugging:

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