GBIF dots Margined Tiger Beetle

Ellipsoptera marginata Margined Tiger beetle

On the species page: When you turn on the GBIF records for the distribution map, too many records are displayed. Looks like all the records for the genus are being displayed.

GBIF’s own website seems to confirm my theory.

It’s not broken on all species in the genus but others are too. The map for E. gratiosa seems to work correctly. The map for E. lepida and E. hamata are broken.

the taxon scheme setup for E. marginata might be bad. see the GBIF id listed there is 4721808 (which points to the genus) rather than 8403081. maybe if that’s flagged and fixed, that will allow that taxon map to pull in the right GBIF occurrence layer?

I flagged E. marginata. We’ll see how that goes.

Flagging the taxon page works. Thanks.

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