Help finding identified observations

For a variety of reasons, I have been unable to connect to iNat for a few months and when I entered again, I saw that a whole lot of identifications (more than 80) had been added to my observations in my absence. But as soon as I scrolled through the comments/identifications list, the notifications disappeared and were zeroed before I had a chance to check the corresponding observations. Is there any way I can consult that list again? Or has it disappeared for good and the only way to find the identifications is to look through all my observations one by one (more than 900!)? Help! Fingers crossed and thanks in advance.

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If you’re on website.

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The exact list of notifications is gone, but the “Your Content” tab in the Dashboard is a close approximation of the same information.
You can also go to Identify and sort your observations by date updated – it’s not quite the same, but I find it easier to use.


Sometimes when there’s too many notifications, I find it easier to look at the app. It does however have a display max of 200. Best part is that it will separate notifications about your own obs from those about other people’s.

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What a novel use for the identify modal!


Many thanks for your suggestions, I’ll be taking a look at them later today. I’ll make more of an effort not to be absent for so long next time!

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