Help with Places

i have some questions about the “Places” Feature. I dont know wether thats the actual name in the english version, in german its called “Gebiete”.
When i look at which species where observed in the area it doesnt show all. For example here.
It doesent show Sedum acre even though it was observed twice there, both observation are researech grade. When i use the search feature it shows that 70 species of plants where observed there, whereas on the place page it shows only 13.

I hope someone knows more about this.
Best Regards

That is because no one has added Sedum acre to the checklist page for this place.
If you scroll down the page you linked, you will see on the left a link to the check list page You can add to the checklist, and once you have done so, add the information about how common it is (if you don’t know, present is fine) and whether it is native, endemic, or introduced. Save each of these separately.


Thank you. Do you know the purpose of this? I noticed that some species were added automatically, others not. Wouldnt it make sense to automatically include all species that were observed there on the list?


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