Hognose Snake observations not showing in Ontario


Shows 142 observations, but nothing on the map, not even obscured locations. Observations in the rest of the world show up.

Also happening on the taxa page:

Compare Blanding’s turtle, a much more endangered reptile:

Are any other species affected? In other places?

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The automatic geoprivacy is set to “private” in Ontario, so this isn’t a bug but an apparently intended feature. May want to raise it on the other topic about Canadian geoprivacy settings.

Ok, I’ve raised the issue in the other topic: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/updates-to-conservation-statuses-in-progress-in-canada/608/149

You could also direct your questions about obscured records for species at risk here: https://inaturalist.ca/projects/nhic-rare-species-of-ontario