How to stop mobile app opening clicking links in mobile browser

Suddenly when viewing and using the website on my mobile browser, every link I click on tries to open the mobile app and go to the content there.

How do I stop this?


Maybe ‘‘Clear an app’s default settings’’

Mine suddenly started doing the same- I’d be browsing iNat on Chrome and any time I’d click a link it would pull up “select which app you want to open this link” and offer either the iNat app (no thanks) or Samsung Internet (gross)- I want links I click in chrome to open in chrome! No idea why that started happening out of the blue.

As a workaround, tap-hold then select “open link in a new tab”.

I followed the directions at optilete’s link to clear defaults for samsung internet and the next time I clicked a link in iNat it gave me a larger list of apps to pick, so I selected Chrome and that seems to have fixed the problem. I imagine clearing defaults for the iNat app would enable the same process and result.

Hm, in Chrome on Android, I open the iNat mobile website dashboard and click on a link, it asks if I want to open in the mobile app or in Chrome, and I select Chrome.

But it resets every day and asks me again. Pretty sure no settings/cookies are being reset/deleted each day, because I’m still logged into most websites in the browser.

I went into my iNat app settings and changed “Open supported links” from “Ask every time” to “Don’t open in this app”. I would have thought selecting “Always” when prompted would update this automatically. Hopefully this works?