Identifications not sticking after three years?

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There are three community identifications on this observation dating back three years but the observation has no community ID. User has not opted out of community ID.

Another observation with the same problem. Same taxon!

Fourth ID pushed it over.

Yes but there should have been a community ID with just one disagreeing identification so still a weird bug.

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Sounds like the same bug as this

Our test server only updates every Saturday, so here’s what looked like on Saturday.

Weirdly, it has a Community Taxon. Not sure why it would have been different on our production server earlier today, unless we deployed code since then that caused the bug. What’s the URL of the second observation you cited, @wdvanhem? Everyone, please don’t add any IDs to it so we can take a look.

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Looks like this one, but it does have a community taxon.

I just spotted this thread - another interesting thing about some of these observations is that they only popped up in my ID queue in the last couple of days (despite having been at species-level for many years judging by the date stamps). I have reviewed every species-level plant observation in “Needs ID” for my county, so it surprised me to see such old ones suddenly appear.