Inactive taxa appear in search results

Platform: iOS

App version number: 2.8.7

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem: Both active and inactive taxa for the same species concept show up in search results when I manually entered the common name for a species. In this case, “Downy Woodpecker”. There is no conveyed distinction between the two on iOS. I assume inactive taxa are not suppose to show up at all.

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That seems like a bug all right. I tried it on the website but it didn’t seem to work so maybe it’s just on ios.

I’ve encountered this as well, and it does seem to be limited to the app. I have not bothered to test whether a selected ID remains the inactive taxon (if selected) or not. I didn’t really bother to test it since most of the identifications I do on mobile are in Chrome as opposed to the app anyway.

(Albeit not quite the same thing, it may be worth noting that nominotypical subgenera will give a very similar appearance in the iOS app and likewise have no way to know which one is being selected in many cases.)

I wasn’t able to replicate this in 3.1.1 (626).