iNat Not Opening In Safari

Whenever I try to access iNat on my MacBook, I get an error saying that I’m not connected to the internet. I can search for anything else without an issue but iNat won’t open. The browser I’m in is Safari.

I can open iNat in Safari 13.0.3 on my MacBook Pro. Can you please:

  • share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Instructions for taking a screenshot are available in the About the Bug Reports Category post.

  • Tell us which version of Safari you’re using?

  • Tell us if you can open iNat in any other browsers?


It resolved on it’s own.

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Cool. If it happens again, let us know please.

It’s happening again; it happens intermittently; it doesn’t matter where I’m at or anything. And it’s not letting me sign in via Google. I don’t know my usual login info :upside_down_face: so I’m basically locked out rn.

I’m really frustrated :upside_down_face: idk why it’s happening. Idk why I’m forced outta something that I use on a daily basis :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: please, help. I just want on again

Are you able to load iNaturalist on another browser? That would help us narrow the cause.

It looks like you’re using Safari 13.0.2. The latest version is 13.0.3, perhaps try to upgrade to that version if you can?

Are you on a laptop? If so, are you able to open iNaturalist in Safari when on another wifi network (eg at a cafe)?

Whenever it occurs, I cannot open it in either Safari or Google Chrome. It seems to be resolved again but now it won’t let me sign in using my Google account. It occurs on all wifi networks