Keyboard up and down arrows don't work right in Annotation dropdown menus

In either the Observation Detail page or the Identify page in the website, if I click on any annotation and try to use my keyboard up and down arrows to cycle through the items in the dropdown menu, it doesn’t seem to work right. Pressing the down arrow seems to cycle between the 1st and 3rd options in the menu (if there are at least 3 options), and pressing down and then multiple ups seems to switch between the 2nd and 4th options (if the 4th option exists), or else it cycles between the the 1st and 3rd options (if there are only 3 items).

Unrelated, but I thought I’d go ahead an mention them here, a lot of the other dropdown menus on the Observation Detail page don’t seem to allow you to cycle through the list items using the up and down keys. The computer vision suggestions don’t seem to allow this, nor the project and observation field selections. The taxon autocomplete results do seem to work as expected, however.

(I’m using Chromium Edge in Win 10.)

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Confirm same behavior with Firefox 87.0 in Linux (I didn’t try all the test cases @pisum mentions).

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