Limit Cache Size or Allow Cache Clearing for Apps

On my iPhone, it shows the iNat app is using 21.2 MB and data is 14.63 GB.

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It is so much, maybe it is usefull to sent logging from the iPhone too?

On Android log out:
Settings>To the bottom>Log out

Use the settings cog in the upper right corner. When you open it, you should see an option to Sign Out.

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For what little it might be worth, I am seeing 726 Mb of user data and 346 Mb of cache on a Motorola Moto G8 Power 2020 running iNaturalist 1.23.14 on Android 11. That does not seem particularly unusual to me, a number of apps pull memory on that same order of magnitude. If someone wants logs, I am happy to oblige.

Done, see below.

Upgrade to version Android iNaturalist version 1.23.18 (507)
9.44Gb–>1.33GB (euh??, more then a 1 GB but less then 1.27+1.02+app zise)


1.02GB–>1.02GB–>1.63GB–>logout–>1.63GB–>login–>1.63GB, dus cache blijft…

The most recent uploaded observations are missing photo (not urgent)

If the app is taking up more than a gigabyte of space on your phone ,
Logs are sent because space still more then 1GB.

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Upgrade to version Android iNaturalist version 1.23.19 - 508
Total: 1.73Gb–> 509MB
Userdata: 1.68 GB–>430MB
Cache: 1.66GB–>410MB

I guess this release is a special test format because of the size of the app? Same version, different sizes… But the final results are great. The app uses around 0.5 GB what looks OK to me.

After a week using Android iNaturalist version 1.23.19 - 508
Total: 1,06GB
Appformat :48,32MB
Cache: 424MB

This looks like we’re still not deleting something. Can you report back in another week? I’m curious if you reach 1.5 GB or if it remains stead around 1 GB.

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I want to emphasize that the last two changes both were an improvement and it is good they are released recently/yesterday. Thanks they are useful. I have the idea that the trigger to start cleaning does not fire. I updated to a new version 1.23.20 (509) today and the new version brings it back to 600MB (total).
I guess it stays in the range 500MB-1200MB. A new version always will start cleaning so before I reach 1.5 GB will take more then a week.

1.23.20 (509)
Total: 600MB
Appformat: 46,10MB
Userdata: 554MB
Cache: 342MB