Liquidambar styraciflua (american sweetgum) incorrectly listed as introduced in te

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This species is listed as introduced in numerous counties in Texas, despite it being native to the eastern half of the state

Step 1: selected bounding box in east texas

Step 2: searched for and selected American sweetgum in the search bar

Step 3: selected “introduced” filter

Also, this species does not appear as introduced upon pulling up it’s “about” page

In general, for issues with a species listing or status, please flag the taxon itself on You can explain the issues as you did here and a curator can look at these and help change as appropriate.

In this case, establishment status can be changed by any user, not just a curator, so you can fix any errors with this yourself.

There’s some info on how to do this here:
but you can also search for other threads.

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you may need this tool to see the proper establishment means records to change:

i corrected some of the places in the Houston area a while back, but i didn’t feel comfortable changing the status for all the places in the Eastern half of Texas.

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Got it. Thanks!