Stuck in "waiting to upload" with fine wifi connection

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): android

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 1.23.4 (493)

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Step 1: I went to upload a photo from my phone with the appropriate geo tag and date, it never stops saying waiting to upload. My internet connection is fine. Problem since last night.

Step 2:

Step 3:


Hi @ebenevol, welcome to the iNaturalist forum. Can you please fill out the bug report template questions? This helps the iNat staff with troubleshooting issues that come up. Thanks!


I think I have done that now

Hi - so a friend had a similar issue yesterday. Same conditions - i.e great wifi connection. His issue was that he had one observation that was over 20 MB (an audio file) and once we deleted (cancelled that observations upload) that the rest of the observations got uploaded fairly quickly.

While it was stuck there was no error / warning message.


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@ebenevol and welcome to the forums :-)

I am afraid you are not the only one.
Maybe you can upload your loggings?

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I have had this problem for ages. Now, I cannot upload/update any observations with the app.

what are the size of your images ?

And is your internet connection one that has decent speeds

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Yes, my WiFi is good. And each photo is about 1-2 mb each, but it doesn’t matter since even no media observations usually take forever (literally)

What we really need are screenshots and log files from the app. Without specific details it’s almost impossible to diagose an issue. Please send them to

To send log files, go to the About tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.