"Maintenance" (or "Conservation") is suggested for translating "Curation" in French

In a taxa page, “Curation” (see the drop-down list for flaging or deleting pictures) is translated as “Organisation” in French. This is misleading because “Organisation” in French means “Organization”.

A better translation of “Curation” would be “Conservation”.
With the same meaning, “Curator” is translated as “Conservateur” (for instance, in a museum).

But in this context, I would have translated as “Maintenance” (the same word as “Maintenance” in English, with the same meaning). Because the word “Conservation” alone, in French, does not suggest that we can make a change.

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I think this would better be categorized as a “Feature Request”.

I think you should contact the translater or change it yourself and he or she will contact you.

HI @jeanphilippeb, there is more information here about contributing to or editing translations on the iNaturalist website and apps: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/translate