Manage contribution of several groups (classes) separately

We have a project open to any contribution (limitation by area and list of species). We are going to engage several classes of students to contribute to our project. How can we see the leader board separately by classes? How can we sort out the contribution to a project by certain group of people (class)? The idea is to give every teacher control for his own class within one project.
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You could have a seperate collection project for each class, and then have an umbrella project to group them all together. Then you can look into each project for class leaderboards, and then into the umbrella project for overall leaderboards.


I use the method described by kiwifergus. The umbrella project doesn’t keep an overall leaderboard but each class project will have its own leaderboard. Here is an example of the umbrella project I use to track each of my classes each semester as well as other classes taught by other faculty.

yes it does… in your Spring 2018 class, for instance, soilmagic is #1 by the class project, and overall is #4 in the umbrella project:

note that you can change the leaderboard sort order in the umbrella, from #observations to #species, depending on which one you are interested in. And if you want both leaderboards to look the same (ie if you are cut and pasting into emails or promo material or newletters etc, then use the observations tab in both the umbrella and collection projects…

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I also noticed with the umbrella project example given that one can see by a leaderboard how each collection project (class) compares to the other with Observations |Species |Observers

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