Mark all observations as "Seen" on app.

I’m a user of both the Android App and the desktop version of iNat. On the desktop version, clicking on the notification button shows recent notifications, but then resets the counter to zero. On the app however, when viewing the “My Observations” screen, my individual observations still have that little pink notification icon that persists until the observation is clicked on, which can be a bit frustrating when there are say 20+ new identifications. I’m interested to see an option to “mark all as seen” or “clear all notifications” in one fell swoop. Thanks.

Does this only apply to the pink icons on the “My Observations” view or do you also want this to mark everything in the Activity view as “seen” as well? They are slightly different in the Android app.

I definitely want it to mark away all the pink. I want the activity markers to go away for an obs once it’s viewed even if there was more than one activity for that observations.

This applies only to the pink icons in “My observations”. The gray-toned new notifications in Activity (My Content and Following) seem to dissipate much more rapidly, without having to click on each newly updated observation.

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