Missing Locations showing as Private?

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Observations are listed as “Private” geoprivacy when the location is not obscured, but missing entirely. The “true” private locations also add a blocked eye icon, but it is still confusing to have missing locations marked private. I suppose this could be a user action (eg. the observer marked the observation private AND didn’t enter the location), but I thought I should report it just in case it is a site error that null values for locations are displayed the same way as hidden values for locations.
A. List view with “true” private observation (1) and missing location observation (2):

B. “True” private observation (1)

C. Missing location marked as Private (2)

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As previously discussed, private observations appear different than observations completely lacking location data. The past few days when I have been IDing Unknowns, however, it appears missing locations are marked as private in list views

Yes, that’s what is happening here. Observations that are missing a location AND are NOT marked private still show Missing Location.

Thank you. I will adapt my messaging to tell them they can enter a location and it will still be hidden.


…and my memory is awful, because apparently I asked about this last year: