Move Observation Fields to be above Projects

Platform(s): web

URLs: observation detail pages

Description of need: I feel like a lot of times relevant information is missed because people stop scrolling down the page. I sometimes avoid joining projects because my project list becomes so long that I worry people won’t see what I put in the observation fields.

Feature request details: When viewing observations on the website, I would like to see Observation Fields moved to just below Annotations and just above Projects.

Project list could be collapsible. Open on clicking.


I like that idea, but maybe as a sticky toggle. personally I like seeing the projects since it’s the main way I learn about new ones I might want to join or ID for.


You are looking for projects to join so you would know to scroll further down. Observation fields can be relevant to choosing what to put down as your ID. Such as IDing galls based on the host plant (put in the observation fields) or linking to another observation that shows the individual at an earlier or later date aiding in the identification (fields: associated observation & observation set).


Same applies to observation fields, if you’re looking for o.f. of host plant, you’ll scroll down to see if there’re any. People miss it because they don’t care too much to look, at max there’re two scrolls needed to get to fields, and usually there’re less projects, so it would need only one.

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I wish I could vote for this more than once.


Both of these are already implemented on iNat on the observation detail page(, which I think is what this feature request is referring to, right? I edited the topic to add the template back in.)

I usually have the projects section (and most other sections) closed by default.


Is that what it’s called? I thought it was just the observation page. Here are a couple examples where I have it in a lot of projects and also info in the observation fields.

This is what it looks like for me.

When I open the page, everything is expanded. I tried collapsing some and then went to another page and it remembered it. I didn’t know it would do that. I also didn’t know that it had the numbers like that when it’s collapsed so that you know there is something there. Okay so that fixes the scrolling problem, but it still makes more sense to me that Observation Fields would be next to Annotations. It took me so long to understand and use Observation Fields. I want other people to notice them more and hopefully use them for their own observations.