My son can't create an account because you site says his email address is not valid

Platform: iOS

App version number: Cant find

Description of problem:
My son tried to create an account on the inaturalist app for iPhone, using his valid email address of (his username), and the app kept saying it is not a valid email address, and it is.

I’m not sure about your case, but my mail was rejected too when I trid to create an account, I had to log in with facebook.

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Hi @jansmithen, welcome to the forum!
Hopefully a member of staff will be along soon to help you out. I would also recommend sending a message to .


Hey @jansmithen, did you manage to resolve this? Have you tried using other browsers, or even testing it with a different email address?

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Please send the full email address and a screenshot of the error message you’re seeing to and we can take a look.