Not all observations uploading

Ken-ichi, yes that field.

I have uploaded between 1 and perhaps 15 obs in a batch. I start losing an ob at 4 obs in a batch. Even if all obs in a batch are insects with LSF filled in, I only lose 1 ob (or 2 in two instances). If I upload a batch which includes plants, birds, mammals and insects, I’ve only ever lost an insect. I don’t add life stage or phenology fields to the other groups, only insects. I do sometimes add the Sex field to other groups.

Most obs that I upload have more than 1 photo. Initially, non-indexed obs had only 1 photo (as mentioned above), but on later losses they had more than 1. I can’t say exactly how many photos, but let’s say I upload 5 obs with 1 photo each, I still lose 1 ob.

On Brave I get no warnings of issues. On Firefox I did get warnings. I can’t use FF because it is desperately slow and basically doesn’t work on my bandwidth (either on Win or Ubuntu).

All non-indexed obs show in my Calender, but don’t open properly. The top menu of the page does load, and if there are notifications, they show. The footer also shows. But the space in between never populates.

When I first noticed this problem, I re-uploaded the pics and had no problems. So it’s not an image issue. I also emailed a photo to Tony, but he never mentioned there being a problem with it.

Time of day and day of the week make no difference.

On 4 January I uploaded a total of 152 obs - all insects (and a coupla spiders) without adding Life Stage or Sex fields, and lost none of them. Some obs had up to 20 photos (because cuckoo wasps are so gorgeous), and some had only 1 photo. When I’d submitted, they all showed instantly in my Edit Observations page without me having to refresh.

Hope this helps.