Not getting update notifications

For the last week or so I don’t get notified for any updates to any observations on the website. Some notifications do slip through, but a majority of them don’t. No red icon or anything.

Can you give some examples of activity that you should have received notifications for but didn’t? Have you used the mobile app (if so which one) in addition to the website during this time?

I use the android app to upload observations and the website to check and reply to comments. Sharing a screenshot of the ‘My Observations’ page on the app. Notifications show up as these pink flags on the app but I haven’t received any of these on the web. Nor do they show up on my ‘All Updates’ on the web home page or ‘Activity - My Content’ on the app.

The only way I can see any update is via these pink flags on the app.

@shaunak even if the notifications icon in the header is not red, if you click on it do you see your recent notifications listed there? eg

There are notifications there but not all of them. For example, on this observation, I received a notification when oryzias gave an ID but not when g_patil gave one. Sharing a screenshot below. I’ve noticed the same thing happening multiple times.

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After taking a closer look, the cause seems to be that @shaunak had turned off notications for agreeing IDs, so I’m going to mark this as solved.