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Is the website, and specifically identify section running really slow for anyone else? It’s taking 20-30 sec to process each ID which doesn’t make for a great workflow. I’m trying to chip in on the CNC posts, but it is pretty brutally slow. I also got a 502 error on the main page. I’m guessing maybe it’s just extra traffic/load due to the CNC?

It’s a little slower than normal for me too. I’m sure it’s due to the CNC, yeah. Also getting a heavy load message occasionally. This weekend will be the highest traffic iNat has ever had, but they’re actively working on improvements.

Yes, it is extremely slow for me too – almost unusable.

Probably CNC, we are getting so many obs just in Cape Town.
Anyone know if one can have more than one upload tab without causing problems with the uploads, or if one can upload on two different browsers to speed things up?

Can one turn off ‘loading suggestions’ when IDing one’s uploads? I’m waiting for ages to get the suggestion. If I type on the name correctly, can’t it accept it automatically?

No, see this related feature request:

Agree that being able to turn off the AI suggestions would help out with this, hopeful we’ll have that option soon!

Strange, I’m not finding it slow at all to load suggested names, what I am getting is it is slow to acknowledge that I’ve clicked on the Agree button, sometimes taking 10+ seconds to start to process, leading me to click it a second time in the interim.

Slow here too, but it was worse a few hours ago.

I need help i’m not receiving notifications when someone confirms IDs or suggests different IDs etc. I’m basically blind with activity on my own Observations.

The speed got better for a while today, and now it is really bad again. I will try to keep helping with CNC, but if this keeps up, I don’t know how much I will be able to participate.

What is CNC?

City Nature Challenge
iNat’s version of the World Cup?

Hi Folks. I just wanted give an update on site performance. The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is obviously bringing in a lot of observations this weekend and a lot of traffic to the website. We prepared for that in recent weeks by adding extra capacity in the form of extra web, API, and search servers. But you never know how much traffic you’ll actually get until the event begins, and yesterday morning we found we had more requests coming in than the web servers could process which leads to the “queue full” errors.

Throughout the day we added several more web, API, and search servers as needed, and hopefully things got better as the day went on. Its safe to say not everything is going to work as fast as on a normal week, but hopefully everything does indeed work (i.e. no more error pages).

We are aware that the notification queue is backed up (See This is an unfortunate side effect of large events which generate massive amount of notifications. Notifications will very likely be delayed during CNC, but we’re not losing anything - it’s just a matter of churning through them all.

On the bright side - things are working well enough that in the CNC project alone 16k people have have added over 275k observations of 16k species since Friday, and we’re comfortably over 1M observations this month.

Here’s a chart of observations and observation photos added over the last 7 days. It shows that today we’re steadily getting about 15k observations per hour which is 5 times the average peak rate earlier this week and good amount more than even yesterday.

I’m watching site performance very closely this weekend and will continue to add more capacity as needed.


Thank you for the very helpful update.

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