Observation mismatch between website and iOS app

I use both the iOS app and the website for uploading observations. If, after uploading via the iOS app, I make edits to the observation on the website, it no longer shows up when I refresh the iOS app.

Screenshot of current website observations:

Note observations B, C, D, and E, which were uploaded via the iOS app. After uploading, I deleted the original images (after downloading copies) and replaced them with ones of reduced size and a copyright notice.

Screenshot of current iOS observations:

Observations B, C, D, and E don’t display despite numerous refreshes.

Total current observation count (6049) is a match on website and app.

Using latest Firefox for MacOS on inaturalist.ca and, sometimes, the latest iOS app.

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Hmm. Just tried to replicate this with one observation but I wasn’t able to. Are you taking photos within the app?

I was able to find the “missing” observations in the app. In the app, it looks like the obs are supposed to be sorted chronologically with the most recent obs first. Is that correct? The ones I thought were missing are just way out of sequence: