Places and Constituencies

Two part question here: 1.) how is a place or a constituency defined? and 2.) how to correct when one of these is incorrect?

I’m happily adding all sorts of exotic Texan observations to Kenya’s biodiversity.

Can you post a link to the observation/identify filter where you saw this odd place hierarchy?

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I’m not sure if this is exactly the same issue, but I often notice places in the Suggetions drop-down that shouldn’t be there. I asked @tiwane about it ~6 months ago and he said he thought there might be a bug. The particular one I pointed out to him was Tiputini. It’s not like Kenya in Texas, but it still shouldn’t be there.

I sort of suspect the Tiputini one is due to my own actions – I merged a few places together for the Biological Field Station there and I guess somehow it got inserted in to the standard places list.

I can start keeping track of others, there are definitely more out there.

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The plot thickens – here’s the observation from the first post. When I choose Compare from the observation page, I get the same extra Kenya place. But when I choose the Suggestions tab in the identify modal, not only do I not get Kenya, I don’t get the US either. (The places that should be listed are the county level, the state level, and the country level.)

I don’t know, but possibly there’s a relation with this?

@carrieseltzer this can be replicated with any observation within Comal Co. Texas.

Here’s a lep search- click on the compare tool for any of these observations.

Also if one types Comal Co. into universal search- this is where it leads to. Kenya! Now I really want to go visit, it looks fun.

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The problem was a place named “805” which conflicted with the place_id of 805 for Comal, Texas. The “805” place appears to be an error from GADM:

I changed the place name to “Unnamed GADM 805” which immediately fixed the problem. We should probably prevent place names from being only numbers to prevent future problems like this.

Update: made a github issue.


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