Portuguese translation is very bad

The first thing I noticed as I created an account here is that the social network is following what seems to be a trend: to threat the Portuguese language, with 500 million speakers worldwide, as a worthless mix of letters. Even big companies seem to be delegating the job of translating to Portuguese to bad algorithms.

For example, the phrase: “The Potuguese translation is very bad” should be “A tradução para o Português está muito ruim”, but the social network would likely translate it to: “A translação Portuguesa é muito mal”.

Practical examples:
“Pass-word” is not “palavra-chave”;
“Subscriptions” is not “subscrições”;
“Following” is not “A seguir”;
“Grid View” is definitely not “Grelha”,
and so on…

If basic, usual UI items are really badly translated,
I’m pretty sure species common-names will be abberant.

We source translations from Crowdin: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/translate

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All translations are community-based and can be changed plus species names have different sources other than website translations and most are added by users of iNat personally.

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Given that it’s crowd/user based translation it’s an opportunity for you to correct any poor translations you come across.


All these examples are correctly translated…

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Like @draposo79 mentioned, all these translations are correct (although “palavra-chave” could also be “palavra-passe”)

From your suggestion:

I assume that you are used to the brazilian version of Portuguese and not to the Portuguese from Portugal. I’m not sure if there is both a PT-PT and a PT-BR translation, but the portuguese translation you mentioned is correct for PT-PT


There is both a Portuguese and a Portuguese-Brazilian option to choose from in the language selection in which to run the site. Can you clarify which of these you are using.

As others have mentioned, there is no use of machine or AI translation done on the site, all translations are done by human volunteers.

In terms of species names which may be different in continental vs. Brazilian Portuguese, I would suggest going into your account settings, and setting to prioritize species names used in Brazil. The screenshot is in Danish, I don’t know what the link says in Portuguese, but it is the 2nd from the bottom link over on the left, and then in the box on the right where I have Canada, enter Brazil.

What that does is ensures if a name is specified as the Brazilian name in use, that will be the one you see. If a species has multiple Portuguese names and the proper one is not displaying for you after you change this setting, you can simply flag the species and ask that a particular one be set to be used in Brazil.


In the account settings you took a screenshot of, as well as on most other websites of iNat, when you scroll down to the very bottom, you can change the language quite easily.

I usually have the site running in German, but for better legibility, I toggle to English before making a screenshot for the forum.

And of course, one can also check how the site looks in Portuguese :)

They are not correct, as for exemple “grid” means “grade”. “Grill” means “grelha”.

Even if those wierd terms made any sense in pt_PT, both my browser locale and my settings are set to pt_BR.

Thanks, I’ll contribute to it then.

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