South Africa is slow on iNat

This is on FB, but I haven’t seen it on iNat.

Major Upgrade Underway
You might have noticed that iNaturalist is responding poorly at present. That is because a major set of indices is being updated to cater for the new southern African community. So place boundaries have been adjusted, outstanding common names added, and we are heading for our own community.
Most of these updates will be transparent to almost all users, but for the next four days iNaturalist will be running a little slower as these background processes update the system.
More about our community in October.

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I noticed a significant slowdown in functions yesterday but wasn’t sure if it was my internet or the site. (I’m in the U.S.)


I have noticed it too. Often takes a few times pushing the “Upload” button to get it to fully upload.
Uploading from a browser works fine.

I’m in Germany at the moment.

I’m having trouble with pages failing to load and obs upload errors right now. I’m in the US

It was indeed very slow yesterday, most frustraiting is slowly loading zoomed photos on identification page and hardly loading ids.


Here too in Australia, very slow to upload images.

FYI, all of the updates to the southern Africa place are now complete, so any slowness now is unrelated.


Good to know why it has been so dreadfully slow, and that it will improve.

Any more news about the new Southern African community?

Working through the legal part. @Strumaria is leading the process.

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