Rank ordered plant species list for selected US counties

I’ve created a pair of custom URLs to show all the plants in selected counties in Washington and Oregon. This is the one for counties west of the Cascades: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=1076,1497,1728,746,1231,1666,1504,543,517,502,2740,2742,411,1282,410,1236,1730,514,1848,494,540,984,558,536,1903,485,467,484,538,535,981,518,1520,302,352,797&subview=map&iconic_taxa=Plantae&native=true

I’d like to download a list of species, with the number of observations for each. The Export function, as far as I’ve figured out, exports all observations (over 600,000) which I don’t need. How do I download just the species observed, with the number of observations for each?

It looks like the checklist function might work, but I haven’t found anything in the help pages about creating one and I didn’t see anything about including number of observations in a checklist.

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You mean these 2955 species?

You can use pisum’s external tool to download the species list here: https://jumear.github.io/stirfry/iNatAPIv1_observations_species_counts.html?place_id=1076,1497,1728,746,1231,1666,1504,543,517,502,2740,2742,411,1282,410,1236,1730,514,1848,494,540,984,558,536,1903,485,467,484,538,535,981,518,1520,302,352,797&iconic_taxa=Plantae&native=true&verifiable=true

(I would also note that there are probably many native species that are not marked native and thus aren’t included.)


Thank you. The link you gave gives me exactly what I was seeking.

How would I have ever found that without you pointing me to it?


That’s a good question. It’s been linked before in the forum, so some searching here might have led you to it, but I don’t think it’s especially well-known. I’m pretty sure species list downloads are on the radar for the development team because they were one of the first things requested in the data users thread. But the team is small and I think for now we have to be satisfied with external tools.

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