Repeated notifications

Windows 10
It is assumed that when a notification comes to you and you review it, it should not appear again. An hour ago I received a notification and I opened the observation, but a few minutes ago the same notification came again, I opened the observation and there was nothing new. This happened to me several times today. The thing is that the date on which the repeated notification arrived does not coincide with the identification in the observation.

The notification time is 15 minutes ago.

However, the identification to which the observation refers was made an hour ago.

Just happened again

An identification made an hour ago from which I had already received a notification, the notification was repeated a few minutes ago

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Notifications are delayed due to CNC. I think it’s safe to assume that’s also the reason behind the double notifications.


your screenshots show your last 10 notifications in the dropdown list. i think that’s the default behavior when you have no new notifications to show.

just for contrast, earlier, my notification icon was pink with a 3 next to it. i expected that when i clicked on it, i would see 3 notifications, and sure enough, there were 3 in the dropdown list:

if i had seen 10 notifications, i would have interpreted that as no new notifications, i think.

that said, do believe i have seen occasional instances even since CNC where my notification icon turned pink again with the same number as a previous batch of notifications, but that has seemed to happen within minutes of the previous set of notifications, not an hour later, as you’re describing. so i don’t think it’s a big deal.

i do have cases where i may have multiple tabs open with iNaturalist on it, and even if i clear notifications from one tab, if i go to another tab, that other tab may retain its pink color and count hours later. that’s just a function of that icon only being updated when you refresh the screen or click on the icon though, i think.