Resetting the password in the iphone is too difficult

The security system on IOS is a nightmare. Using a strong password doesn’t sync up, and when you use your own the email link takes one to God knows where. I finally got straightened out using my MacBook Pro computer.


In my and many others’ opinions, the apple app is only good for uploading pictures from your camera roll. A computer is best for literally everything else. The android app is better from what I’ve heard, but best to use a computer when doing something not pertaining to uploading photos


I’ve never had any trouble with that specifically but admittedly, I haven’t tinkered with it much. I know that the iOS app is being revamped big time right now. Whatever is causing the problem might be simplified or fixed with the rollout of the new and improved one, whenever that is. Staff is well aware it has a lot of room for improvement but they’ve been working for a while on those improvements.

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they’ve been saying that for, IIRC, 2 years


Something like that. It’s been my understanding that the changes are so significant that it’s like making a new app entirely.

I edited the title to make it less hyperbolic.

If you have an issue you want to bring up that’s fine, but remember that the forum is not a place for unconstructive complaints or grievances. If you have specific feedback that could help us improve the process, please share it. But “Using a strong password doesn’t sync up” and “when you use your own the email link takes one to God knows where” aren’t really helpful because they can be interpreted in multiple ways. Do you have screenshots or specific descriptions of exactly what was difficult that you can share with us that could help us solve the issue?

It’s designed for making observations in the field and exploring nearby observations and in my experience it’s fine for doing both of those. The iNat mobile apps aren’t designed for much else. The Android version does have better search filters, messages, and profile editing abilities but it’s also mostly a simple app for field use.

It’s a new app being written from the ground up. Which has taken longer than we hoped for, it’s quite complex.


I took 1-2 years ago one evening to change the password on iphne+website so i confirm it is difficult but thought it was simplified recently. I only use the iphone for uploading photos so i was wondering if it is not an idea to start little and small with an new app which is good for uploading photos…and the rest, other functionality can be made in the following years ?

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