Russian observation numbers ending in 1 are missing an "е"

Well, numbers were fixed, but it has no “е” now.

As the previous report was closed I’ll answer to this one, I still sometimes see problems with amount of obs that end with 1. image

This instead of “41 человека”.

I think I dug the problem with those ending in “1”. As far as I understand - that form is called “one” in Crowdit but at some places the translation is hardcoded as “1 наблюдение” instead of “%{count} наблюдение”, as in this one:
Same for “Following 1 Person”:

I fixed them but someone needs to approve them and then it takes some time for the updates to propagate to the site

Yes, it extends from the previous topic, as in the Russian language 1 наблюдение, but 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 наблюдений.

Fixed, Melody, sorry for the mismatch

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Not sure if it’s an own bug or part of an old one, but for me everything that has “1” is already connected.

This is another kind of issue. The numbers are correct but are concatenated. It’s “1 [ID]” followed by “10 мес”. You can point to the first digit with the mouse and you will see the tooltip “1 идентификация”. You can see in my screenshot for Bulgarian - they are separated. In Russian, the string “исследовательский уровень” is long and it pushes the rest of the text to the right and the two text strings become concatenated. Maybe the developers could put a space between the two but then some of the text might not fit in the frame and become hidden.

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Ah, right, my bad, but yes, it looks odd without any space between numbers.

Well, again.
image image

can you give the link to this view?

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Is this a translation issue and not a coding issue? are there any remaining problems or can this one be closed?

I don’t see this problem now, but I also can’t find a person who’d have species number ending in 1, on other pages it’s working fine.

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