Wrong translations used for OBSERVATIONS, SPECIES etc. on the Explore and Your Observations pages

The problem exists in Polish version, but I believe it may be the case for other languages too.
It doesn’t seem to be consistent, though. For some numbers it’s ok.

Few examples:



Hi, Konrad,
in web interface OBSERVATIONS of ALL i see correct translation to Russian, please see attached image
Seems somewhere in Crowdin there are translation you should correct, somewhat like ONE-FEW-MANY-…
Sometime I cannot find translation because in Crowdin because this was old translations before Crowdin appears (translations threw Translate Wiki).

Nah, the translation is ok (I did it myself). I’ve just looked on Crowdin and I know the source of the problem. There apparently was a change to where ONE, FEW, MANY or OTHER version is used. But why? It’s incorrect now…

And it’s incorrect in Russian too – it should be “ВИДОВ”, right?

I see ВИДОВ and it is correct as is on screenshot

You see ВИДОВ for 21? Or any number ending with 1?

Hi everyone,

I’m only learning Russian, so I might have gotten something wrong, but it seems like that screenshot of the Russian translation is correct. In Russian, a number ending in 1 (like 21) takes the singular, so ВИД is correct in that case. So, the Russian in the screen shot that uses ВИД after 21 is a correct translation. ВИДОВ is the genitive plural, which is used after every number except 1, 2, 3, and 4. So, the other screenshot is also right because it seems to use ВИДОВ after 9.

So it looks like those Russian translations, at least, are correct.

I don’t know any Polish, but I hope that that incorrect translation is fixed. I’d be curious to know when the translations were made, and by whom - maybe it is an AI translator so that they can keep up?

As for rules, @ellington is right. BUT! i really found some not approved (in Russian) translations
which lead to errors, for example, I also saw that for the number 3 ВИДОВ are substituted, not ВИДА.
The error arises because the Crowdin rules (I don’t know who approved them) require that the translation must begin with a capital letter (this is not so at the case in Russian).
This is indicated by a red exclamation mark.
And if I want this rule not to work in my translation into Russian (the word starts with a small letter), I have to click on Ignore in each case (see screenshot).
Of course, this is very inconvenient.
Now I see quite a few of my unapproved transfers, and I need to go into each one, go through the chain ONE, FEW, MANY,OTHER, click for each Ignore and approve.
Otherwise, the transfer is not approved and the rule does not apply.

Apparently, this is where the errors come from.
I don’t know about your situation, sometimes our Polish and Russian language rules are similar, Konrad.

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Find similar error . Must be 73 ВИДА

But i cannot find in Crowdin where is this translation

Read my second post here.

My Russian is very basic, and so I was sure it should be ВИДОВ. My bad.
Anyway, the problem is still there, and as I mentioned previously, it appears to be related to the change of where each version of translation is used.
ONE used to be used for 1 only, and now is used also for 21, 31, etc. which is incorrect in Polish. I also noticed that the OTHER translation is sometimes used, although I believe it never should be, as it’s for fractions only.
Here it’s used for number 2 (should be GATUNKI - the FEW version should be used):

I see our differencies

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