Translation of countries in Compare menu

In French, Spain is “Espagne”. On the website, in the Compare menu in French, if you search for “Espagne”, it doesn’t work (1st screenshot below). But if you search for “Spain”, the website finds the correct answer… and shows “Espagne” (2nd screenshot). Same problem with Germany/Allemagne. Therefore you must search for English names even if the website is in another language. It could be confusing for new users.

First Screenshot

Second Screenshot


It’s not a bug, but how this particular search window works (I created a bug report years ago about the same thing), it only will search if you write things in English, but will display them in your language sometimes.

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Don’t know if this is a bug or intended, but I made a Github issue:

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Guess there are more countrie search boxes on the website with this behaviour.

OK. Can you please provide examples?

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Species browse page

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