Seek iOS - "Device not supported" error message when opening camera

I looked and couldn’t find this bug already reported. Apparently, this 4+ year old phone is still supported, as per the app details in the app store and elsewhere. I miss using this app. :(

iOS 17.4.1 on an iPhone XR

App version number

Screenshots of what you are seeing

Description of problem
Step 1: open app
Step 2: tap the camera icon
Step 3: choose the camera, if it’s not already selected.
Message on screen: Sorry, the device you are using is not supported
device/ invalid-device

If I chose PHOTO, the app will attempt to ID from a photo already on my camera, but usually fails, as I often get an idea while using the camera in the app and getting the plant from different angles & distances.

This is a known bug. For some reason, Seek loses its permission to use your device’s camera and throws up this error message. If you go to Seek’s permissions (Device Settings app, scroll down to Seek and tap on it) you can allow Seek to use your camera and this should clear it up. We should have a fix in the next update of Seek.


Version 2.16.0, which is rolling out, has a fix that will provide a helpful error message in case this happens.

(I also edited the title to describe the issue more clearly)

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