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This is exclusively for new users who wish to get the application - the account creation/signup process needs improvement.

Feature request details:

While engaged in the signup process, a user name and password are chosen and entered. On submission, if the user name is not found to be unique, a message is produced and the password entered is wiped out thereby requiring it to be re-entered on the next attempt.

After multiple attempts to discover a unique user name, a new registrant might be tempted to just enter a guess at a user name without completing the password field or leave the user name field blank. This, of course, will also fail as the system requires both fields to proceed.

Decouple the user name/password fields.

  • Both fields required to proceed
  • A valid password entry persists until a valid user name is entered
  • A valid user name persists until a valid password is entered
  • Appropriate prompts provided to assist where required

Thank you.

I approved this request but removed the tag ios app because we’re not adding new features to the current mobile apps (see this post). So if people want to vote for or comment on this, it would apply to the cross-platform mobile app that’s currently under development.



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Welcome to the Forum! And my apologies for what may seem a snarky post. Remember, the first rule of iNat is ‘Assume no harm meant.’ Is it really so hard to change a username and then try the same password? I’ve done both on numerous other sites - it’s a bit of a pain, but not onerous.

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It’d be cool if the username field told you whether the username you entered was in use as you enter it, but I’m not sure how difficult that would be and if it would be worth it.


Yeah, I’ve seen several sites that have this feature, should be doable.

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Longer passwords can combine greater security while also being more memorable. The drawback is that they take longer to input the first time(s) prior to their input into one’s password manager. So the suggestion by @painfullsignup would help new users to select better passwords.

Also, I have no idea what you are reading into the proposal to elicit that kind of “reminder”. It’s a simple and straightforward suggestion for an improved flow.

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From what I understand of the OP’s request, it is that the password vanishes if the username is already used, so it may take several times to find a correct combination.
If I have misunderstood, I apologise.