Since switching to my iPhone, I've lost the feature that showed observations per species in order

Before I switched to my iPhone, I could easily see how many times each species was spotted in a certain area. For instance, when looking up the Orchidaceae family in Jalisco, I’d get a list like:

  • Bletia xxxx: 83 times
  • Bletia xxx: 73 times
  • Govenia xxxx: 34 times
  • Laelia xxxx: 11 times… and so on.

Now, all the observations are jumbled up with no order. Is there a way to get back that feature which showed me the number of observations for each species?

I found that feature really helpful. It gave me a clearer picture of the areas I was exploring and kind of worked as a distribution list

The iPhone app is missing many (really cool) features that the Android app has.

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You can get this kind of ordered view using the website, so maybe you could access that as a work around.


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