Site loading partially / failing to display images

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Platform: Windows 11 / website

Browser: Chrome, Brave, Opera

Screenshots of what you are seeing

Description of problem For the last few days I’ve been experiencing the site loading only partially, particularly failing to display images nested in species specific pages or in the galleries of user’s observations/species. I tested it on 3 different browsers and it persists across all of them with varying results - ie. different images fail to load. Has anyone encountered it before? It’s entirely possible the problem is on my end - any suggestions what could be causing it?


When I’ve had similar issues, they have been on my end (bas internet connection).

Hmmm it’s not outside the realm of possibilities. Although in parallel to iNat troubles - I’m streaming on all sorts of platforms, browsing web just fine, speed test places me around 25-30Mbps :/

There are also known issues with folks having images hosted by Amazon not loading, so you could look for threads about that issue.

yes. you can search the forum for past cases. it looks like most but not all observation images are not loading. most but not all such images are stored at Amazon Web Services. so make sure you’re not blocking Amazon via some sort of setting in your browser, router, or via an extension or something like that. next, check to make sure your DNS is directing you properly to Amazon. finally, check with your ISP to make sure they are not blacklisting AWS and have no other technical issues on their end that prevent connection to AWS.

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And what about the internet connection in Cambodia? The lines over the extra big pond (pacific ocean) might have a limited capacity…
The images seem to be loaded by javascript, there might be some timeout issues, too.

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Very interesting - prompted by your suggestions I just tried browsing iNat through a VPN and images are loading fine. There indeed might be some shenanigans on the ISP end and once traffic is encrypted, the site loads fine. For now I’ll have to stick to that approach.