Small issues on language localized version

I have seen few small issues about Turkish language translated version, that not effect much things as i notice but you never know :no_mouth:

  1. Dates: It has repetitive year on dates like “10 Şub 212020” only on details of the observation.


  1. ID suggestions: If suggested ID is longer than a line, then 2. line gets cropped.


  1. If the Common Name starts with big i (with a dot) which is İ , then next character is also acting like a capitalized.

here are links:

Platform = Website

Browser = Chrome

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The repetitive years are because of a wrong year format specification in these translation strings:
I fixed them but someone has to approve the new translation because I’m not a proofreader for Turkish. Then it will take some time until the translation makes it to the website.


thanks you for the help :slightly_smiling_face: