Some rotifer taxa are not included in the system of Rotifera

Dear curators,

While adding observations on bdelloid rotifers, me and my colleague have noticed that it is not possible to add any species of the orders Adinetida and Philodinavida (families Adinetidae and Philodinavidae, respectively), because these taxa are not in the system of Rotifera used by iNaturalist.

Is it possible to fix it?

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Hi, @rotiferologist.

Animalia is currently covered by a Taxonomic Framework that prevents me from helping you with this right now and only site staff (@loarie) can edit/move taxonomic orders. Currently, Adinetida is on iNaturalist, it just needs to be grafted to Bdelloidea. The same is true with Philodinavidae, though Philodinavida would have to be added. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.

iNaturalist currently uses the World Register of Marine Species as our external authority for most invertebrate taxa, but some portions of their tree are not as complete as others and it seems to be the case here. They don’t include Adinetida and Philodinavida (or any orders) under Bdelloidea. Are there any more robust and comprehensive taxonomies on rotifers we could potentially use an an authority?

Hi @bobby23,

Yes sure, as a reference for the most modern accepted taxonomy of Rotifera one can use ITIS:

Also, there is information in the Encyclopedia of Life
and in the Rotifer World Catalog (the most updated and full resource containing info about Rotifera, curated by prominent rotifer taxonomist Christian Jersabek:


Everything should be fixed now.

The Rotifer World Catalog seems like a great resource and I will work towards bridging our Rotifer taxonomy with the RWC in the coming days.

It works, Adinetida and Philodinavida are added to Bdelloidea! Thank you!

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