State-wide project missing many observations

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): All? It is working on many different people’s observations.

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Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : I use Chrome, but the observations appear to be excluded individually across multiple people so I don’t think that would be the issue? I opened Safari and looked at Jane’s bees and it is consistent–missing there also.

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: Washington Native Bee Society project:

Mary Jo Adams

Gaylord Mink



Jane Abel

Her other bees have turned up, why not his one?


Cappaert ​​


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We have a state-wide project that is set to collect all bees excluding Honey bees and an eastern Bombus, nothing else. It is open to all dates, research grade and ID needed. I only excluded casual observations because there were several that we could not ID and the people involved would not chat to get to a resolution. So it is wide open yet I am finding many bees that are not being gathered in.

The list above is one I began but I know I saw more before starting to collect them. I found these by just poking around, or in today’s case, I was searching for Anthidium and discovered none of Jane’s bees are being counted right now. I had thought that those in particular were but maybe I just did not notice until today.

I asked one guy if he had some kind of settings that he added through his profile to exclude being automatically included into projects and he said he did not think so. That was the only reason I can think of for this to be happening.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Screenshots are one with the project logo as it ought to work and one without.

Did you check if it’s actually not in a project or this user just didn’t join it, so it doesn’t show?

this elaborates a bit on what @marina_gorbunova said above:

i checked a few of your examples, and as far as i can tell, the system is working as designed. (there is no bug here.)

for example, you noted this as an observation that is missing from your project:

although the observation detail page does not list your project in the project list (because the user is not a member of your project), if you search for observations by that user in your project (, you do find the observation. (in other words, it’s not actually missing from your project.)

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Interesting. I did note that one person’s work does appear but she does not get out logo on her page.
People are not required to join, so is it that only the ones that have joined get the logo? Is that what I missed?

Thanks for the link showing how to check too.

On a related note, some of our species that are IDed by experts are NOT showing up in the species list in the project. I found that I can add their names manually in the project edit, but they have not shown up yet (maybe it isn’t instant?).

Because each observation could potentially meet the requirements of thousands of projects, only the badges the projects teh observer has joined are displayed on the observation page.

Please include some examples and screenshots.

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