Syncing begins and fails on app. Worked fine for months on same phone

Platform: Android 11 (Samsung Galaxy A41/ SM-A415F/DSN)

App version number: 1.23.18 (507)

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem :

Step 1:
Make observations, then attempt to sync:

Step 2:
Syncing …

Step 3: And then — nothing. The sync stops on the first observation without completing. And nothing gets synced. Well, an observation is created online for the first observation, but no photos are uploaded. And none of the other observations get uploaded. This applies to both wifi and 4G+.

This started on Friday 10th of September. Back then I had two observations that I wanted to sync. Couldn’t sync. Then I tried to select the second observation and only sync that. No luck. Then I deleted both observations, and made new ones. No luck.

I’ve reinstalled the app. I’ve logged in and out. I’ve restarted the phone.

Nothing helps. The sync works in the other direction i.e. if I add something via the browser it gets synced to the phone.

Will email logs.

This happened to me too, and I think it has to do with the domain, where https suddenly seems to have stopped working. My workaround was to switch to in the app settings, then it started synching again.

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Seems I have the same problem. android version 1.23.18 (507) . Creating a new account works so there is wrong with th phone, ? :confused: maybe serverside corrupion?

No problems here, but only a small amount of observations uploaded 1.23.19 (508) .

TLDR: Uninstalling the app, restarting the phone, reinstalling the app made the “waiting to upload” go away and the registering of observations to work again. (Unless this just was a coincidence, and something started to work again server-side).

or NOT. A few successful uploads later it gets stuck again “Waiting to upload…”. Sigh.

There seem to be something wrong when uploading pictures.

I’ve been unable to upload any observations all day (evening) from the app on my Android phone. I tried to upload three observations with 1-3 images each, but it just get stuck: Prepare… Sync… Waiting to upload… and sometimes it cycles through Prepare, sync, waiting to upload after a while again. It also starts “Uploading…” and I can see a circle go to quarter or half full, but then it quits and instead show “Waiting to upload”. The images are loaded from my phone to the app, and I can see the observation with the picture in my phone, but the image doesn’t upload to the servers.

The first observation get registered online but with no image and seems to wait for the image to upload. The image has the right geotag and date/time, which gets registered online.

I have tried to delete all the observations, log out, log in again, shut down the app, log out from the computer, try to just upload one picture, restart my phone… but to no avail. It always get stuck.

Edit: I uninstalled the app, restarted the phone, and installed the app again. When I logged in I could see that the last observation (the first stuck one) was registered but lacked the image. I chose the observation and uploaded two pictures for it, and this worked. Now I can also register new observations and upload images, so it is working as it should again.

Edit II: A few succesful uploads later it got stuck again at “Waiting to upload” (“Väntar på att ladda upp…”)

Edit III: Doing the same procedure. Uninstalling the app, reinstalling and now it is working again. But for how long?

Uploading on the web works, and shows up in the app. :thinking:

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tried deleting some finds and…404mole-a35eb5ca941899842c5cf8ddee98b9327734b115b5660a46892d1236cc0da957

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When it did not work, did you sent the logfiles to the help@ with referring to this thread and your post?


Yes and enabled 3rd party debugging.


This happened to me too, and I think it had to do with the domain, where https suddenly seems to have stopped working. My workaround was to switch to in the app settings, then it started synching again.


Problem started a couple of days ago. Cannot upload from app (v 1.23.18(507) but app downloads finds that were uploaded through browser. I also had an Android system update a few days ago but not sure these two things coincided. Upload problem solved by changing network in app to Global rather than Sweden (thx @jensu)


Sorry about this, we’re taking a look.


Moved a bunch of posts from this thread to here because I think they’re all related to iNat Sweden syncing bug in 1.23.18 (507).

I’ve had the same issue - if you clear storage, the app will will reload everything and that solved the issue for me.

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This bug should only affect those who are affiliated with iNaturalist Sweden. As others have said, you can change your site affiliation for now which should allow you to still sync observations. We’re working on a fix.

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Did as you suggested (changing to the global network instead of .se) and now it works!


OK, this should actually be fixed now, so you should be able to upload observations via the Android app when your account is affiliated with iNaturalist Sweden. I just tested it out and it worked for me.