Tapping "Contact support" says "Cannot send email"

Platform: iOS 14.4

App version number: 3.1 (624) and 3.1.1 (626)


Description of problem:

On the settings page, tapping Contact support says “Cannot send email”. I tried unenrolling from TestFlight and reinstalling from the app store and had the same issue.

It could very well be user error because I’m not very familiar with iOS… I just use Outlook for email on this phone. Having the help email address displayed somewhere would assist users with a workaround.


It works in the earlier version iOS 14.3

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Hey cassi,

Out of curiosity, do you have the built-in iOS mail app configured with any accounts at all? Trying to figure out under what conditions this error occurs.


(Edited to fix my misspelling of your name, apologies cassi!)

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I don’t! When I open that app, it says:

When I tap a mailto: link in Safari, it gives this prompt and successfully opens an email draft in the Outlook app:

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Ok, sounds like there’s a newer API for sending emails I should be looking into! Will try to get this into 3.2.