Taxonomic rank not translated

Platform: iOS

App version number: 3.2.3, version 647, iOS 14.7.1

Description of problem: When the AI makes a suggestion, the taxonomic rank appears in English in the (fully translated) French app

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Does this happen with all ranks (genus, species, etc)?

It might not be a complete answer but I wonder if it’s due to the “subfamily” part is all part of the same name as the scientific name in the way it’s entered into the system. Also as far as I know, the ordinary scientific part of names (which are in italic for genus and species) isn’t supposed to change based on language.

Genus is translated in my Android app.
[How can I reprduce the issue with a subfamily]

I take it you mean the word “genus” is translated, not the latin/scientific genus name. Possibly there are differences between how subfamilies and genera are defined or entered on iNat. (since only genus and species scientific names are italicized), which may relate to the issue here. Beyond this it will require someone familiar with the site design/development to know.

Made an issue here after discussing with @alex:

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