Thank you, experts behind iNat

I am not a mycologist, nor a biologist, but I was attempting to determine if what I observed on a Primrose-Willows leaf was a rust when I came across cooperj’s bio. I often read ID’ers bios because many reveal real expertise, and, having once worked in aerospace I appreciate experts. cooperj’s bio referred me to his journal so I went there and read an amazing entry for March 17, 2022. Prior to reading this entry I had no knowledge of the issues he presented therein, but I do now have a greater appreciation of the role of experts working behind the scenes makes this amazing application called iNaturalist function. Taxonomy and names are just one aspect, there is the computer vision which plays such a key role, and all the software design and maintenance. Having some knowledge in designing, developing and maintaining large software projects, I just want to express my appreciation to these folks - thank you all. And, if you have not included a bio behind your name, please do, even if you are like me and have no real experience in environmental sciences.


I second this wholeheartedly. I’m perpetually amazed at how many experts of all levels and specialisations give freely of their time and energy to make iNat work. This is always in my mind when I post an observation, in the hopes it’ll be worthy of their attention. Infinite thanks to you all, whoever you are.


It amazes me how many experts there are, and that they’re…human. They’re just like the rest of us, but they have so much knowledge about certain subjects. And they’re the biggest source of my (limited) knowledge. And I cannot appreciate every single one of them enough. Thank you.


Agree here, that was how I found people to help with identifying a cryptic species in my area a few years ago.


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