The field "Last observation" on place checklist / listed taxa is incorrect

Why is the field “last observation” not filled
with the last observation regarding to the tab “Observations”?
In this example:
“Last Obervation: 16th of June”
“Observations: the most actual: 23th of June”

Where do you see “last observation” on the place page? I only see it on the taxon page, like this one:

If you add a place filter for Austria it seems to be displaying properly.

I suspect that @flip is actually looking at the Austria Checklist page, linked from the place page:
which does indeed show a last observation from 16 June. This is probably because checklists are resource-intensive and very slow to update.


Hello @twainwright , thank you for your response. That’s exactly what i mean, thank you for the screenshot. So you think it is just a matter of time until the field get’s updated?

I really don’t know - in my experience some of the checklist species don’t seem to ever update. A few years ago there was a post about iNaturalist planning to rework checklists (I can’t find it right now), but I haven’t heard anything recently. Maybe @tiwane knows more?