The French name for Starling does not show

Platform Mac OS
Browser, Chrome
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Description of problem

Step 1: Visit the “European Starling” page
Step 2: switch to French display by clicking “français” at the top
Step 3: note that the name of the species is still in English
Step 4 : note that the taxonony includes the French name “Étourneau sansonnet”

Given that your link is from the .ca portal I will guess you are in Canada. Do you have your setting for where to prioritize names from set to Canada ?

If so, European Starling is set as the name to be used in Canada, to differentiate vs the European preference of just ‘Starling’. That setting takes precedence.


I also set the French name to be used in Canada, which now means for me at least when I switch my language setting to French (and retaining the use place names for Canada) I see the French name.

There are likely other species that have the same issue, where the Canadian English name is different in spelling or use than the American/European one, and you will see the English name. I’m currently trying to remember all the possible ones and editing them to also add a French name to be used in Canada, but please understand if I miss any.

Thank you very much you fixed it.
Should I add a note in this thread if I see other cases?

Better to add a flag to the taxon and then all curators who are looking at flags might potentially see and correct it. Much faster.


How do I add a flag to the taxon, please?

It looks like you found where the flags are. I’ll look for it on the flags page.