Trying to update my IDs to match a taxon change - not working well?


So i am trying to update all my IDs to match this:

I thought that would happen automatically but when I try it i see a bunch of IDs with the old taxonomy.

There’s no way to ‘update all’ and only by page. I have two pages here - not a huge deal in this case but if it were a different taxa or a few years forward it might be many more pages. Furthermore when i try to do the whole page at once, it times out.

Am I missing something? Is there a reason they don’t auto-update? I thought I’d set it to do that.

And sorry if this isn’t a bug report. I don’t think it’s a feature request. Not sure if it is a bug or not.



It’s a big change, I would give it a few hours and check in again.



oh good point, maybe i just jumped on it too fast. I will proceed to ignore the issue for a while more :slight_smile:



is there a way to flag this ‘issue’ closed? I think i saw someone else do that on here. Sounds like i was just too hasty to try to change them



Yeah a moderator/admin can close it.



I’ll close it, but I’m not sure flagging is the best method here, maybe an @ mention? I need to investigate and see if flags are still attached to an account even if a moderator disagrees with it. We can also set up this category so that topics get closed after x days of the last reply.


closed #8