Uploader quits during photo picking

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I have a video that shows it better,

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As I am picking photos to upload observations, the photo pickers suddenly fades to nothing.

Step 1: go to upload URL

Step 2: Select Choose photos

Step 3: begin picking photos

(changed the title to make it specific to the iPad)

The iNat website is not designed for mobile browsers, so I would expect the uploader to have some issues, and I would recommend using the mobile app if you’re on a mobile device. For what it’s worth, on my iPad Mini 4 on iOS 14.2 I can import 15 photos without any issues during the import stage, but I can’t scroll through them well once they’re in the uploader.

Which device do you have?

My device is an iPad Pro iOS 14.2

I most often do use the app either on my iPhone 11 Pro Max or on my iPad Pro; and I do like the new photo picker in the app.

But, I was trying to get better at the online observation uploader, because it let’s you do more than one observation at a time. ( If the iOS app lets you load more than one at a time, I have not seen the prompt to do that.) That noted, the app is much better about picking up the location and date/time, which is often omitted when I try to use the online observation uploader.

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Is it reasonable to try to do IDs from the iOS app? I’ve only been able to do so in a very rudimentary way. I cannot find out how to filter observations on the app and DQA seems limited, too.)

(I don’t much use a computer as my only one is a pretty old desktop. It’s served me well, but it’s getting pretty hoary).

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The web uploader should access any location data embedded in your photos, but it can’t access your current location.

And there isn’t a way to batch upload observations via the mobile apps.

I know some pretty prolific identifiers who do it, but the app is certainly not designed for efficiently identifying other users’ observations.

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The web uploader should access any location data embedded in your photos, but it can’t access your current location.

Well, from the mobil device on the web uploader, that was mostly a miss today. Sometimes it got the date, but only once or twice did it pick up the date/time AND the location. I mostly had to click the calendar to pick the date and then click location, which opens the map and then navigate to the place where I remembered taking the picture.

I’ll give the ol’ computer a spin and see if it does any better.

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Happens, my old desktop isn’t up to the job; I’ll just fumble along with the iPad or iPhone.