Uploading phenomena

This is probably not a bug. When I upload observation photos using WiFi, the upload time is real fast, a second or two, for 1-3 images. If I have to use a cable connection, then it takes more than 10 minutes just for one photo, 4-6 MB. Happens using Firefox or Chrome. It also happens when attaching images in gmail.

What are the operating systems involved? Are you using a VPN?

no VPN. Windows 7 or 10. Linux Mint or Puppy. Either browsers.
Maybe it’s a matter of iNat’s host server employing some security procedure?

this sounds like something about your personal setup unrelated to the iNaturalist platform. it could be any number of things, but i think this kind of troubleshooting may be best accomplished with a local technician who can actually look at your setup.

thanks. Going with WiFi to upload images.