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How can I remove an observation from a project without deleting the observation from my overall species’ observations?

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Hi @rhune001, welcome to the forum. Can you provide a link to the observation and a link to the project so that we can see what kind of project it is? If it is a Collection project, note that since Collection projects are simply saved filtered searches, there isn’t currently a way to manually remove (or add) an observation from the project. The only way would be to change the settings of the project to exclude all observations meeting those filters.

Here are the observation links:

Here is the project link:

Thank you for answering.

That is a Collection Project, with these requirements:

Since your observations meet the requirements, they can’t be removed from the project. You could help your mother start her own account and post the observations under her name instead.

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I can’t see an obvious reason for observations to be missing as described in the FAQ.

My project is a Collection: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/year-of-the-environment-liverpool?tab=observations&subtab=map for a defined area but for some reason it is missing hundreds of observations that as far as i can see meet the filter requirements (which are loose) e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/26539985

The same observation is being picked up in a separate project which differs only in boundary. But the boundary in the first project is picking up some observations so i don’t think it is a geometry issue…

I’m at a loss as to the cause!

Looks liek it wasn’t indexed properly, likely a glitch. I forced a reindex by voting in the Data Quality Assessment and it’s in the project now.


I will have to remember that circumvention!

Cheers for that. There are a few like this so that’s a useful workaround.

I started a Project called Living Things of Lompico but I can’t seem to add anything to it. I assume it has something to do with the geographic restrictions, but I can’t figure it out. Apologies if this has already been addressed. Couldn’t find an answer on the Forum.

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Welcome to the forum!
Your project is a Collection project, meaning you don’t need to add observations, rather it acts as a saved search for observations that meet the project requirements. Right now these are your requirements:


Because you are the only member of this project, and you don’t have any observations in this location, there are no observations collected. You may wish to change the requirements, or invite others to join your project.


None of the common causes have prevent my observations from being see on my collection project. Can you please help? Thank you


(just wanted to note to others that we got that one figured out! https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/help-with-collection-project/17254)

This is affecting both desktop version as well as android. I cannot add observations to projects I have joined. Any fixes to this?

@itschrisnunez please read the original post for this topic. If you still have questions, please follow these instructions in the original post of this topic:

Note that if it’s a collection project, you can’t manually add observations to it, as explained in this Frequently Asked Question: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#projectobs

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I’m trying to add to projects here:

As well as here:

Namely, I am trying to add this observation which meets the requirements (research grade) to the first link with the Weed’s Project


However it does not let me add it

As I stated before, it’s impossible to manually add an observation to a collection project, and these are both collection projects. The cause doesn’t lie with you, the project was set up incorrectly. The project owner added a list of users to the Users requirement, but also chose the “Project Members Only” requirement. Only one of those options should be used.

Your name isn’t on the list under Users, and thus your observations are not being included in the project. The project creator needs to either add your name to the list of Users (and they should remove the Project Members Only requirement), or delete the list of Users and keep Project Members Only checked. If they have questions, they can email help@inaturalist.org.

Got it. Both collections were set up under the intention so that students (which I am) that are joined into the project have their observations included in the respective project. However, I as well as other students have some overlap between both class projects so it can be confusing to both parties which observation goes with which project. Both project owners have made exclusion options towards each other.

I’m not very familiar with how iNaturalist organizes these observations.

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